Beef Brisket (bone in or deboned)

Beef Brisket (bone in or deboned)

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We offer beef brisket either deboned or bone in.

Brisket is one of the toughest cuts of meat, which makes it perfect for slow roasting. On a cow, the brisket lies over the sternum, ribs, and the connecting cartilage. When cows lie down, they’re resting most of their body weight on this cut, which makes it extremely tough and full of connective tissues (rather than fat, which is more flavorful).

So what makes it such a great slow roasting cut? The slow cooking process means the meat has plenty of time to become tender. All the connective tissue would normally make this an almost inedible cut of meat if you were to cook it like a steak, but when you slow roast, all the collagen fibers in the brisket break down slowly, lubricating all the muscle fibers and making the whole cut remarkably tender and delicious. Brisket is usually cooked for longer than other meats to give the connective tissue plenty of time to break down and become tender.

Certified free-range South African beef