La Pasta Di Aldo Chitarrine Con Nero Di Seppia 250g

La Pasta Di Aldo Chitarrine Con Nero Di Seppia 250g

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The Product

Chitarrine Con Nero Di Seppia 250g

There is no doubt that it is the most distinctive form of Chitarrine pasta!
A deep black in colour, it spells seduction from the moment that you open the packaging, inviting you to tear it from its straw-paper container and immerse it in boiling water. When it is cooked, it takes on even darker hues, culminating in a real treat for the eyes. By breathing in the heady cooking vapour, one immediately discerns that subtle smell of black cuttlefish that makes it quite so distinctive.
A real treat with fish-based white sauces, it also goes very well with vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, eggs 32%, cuttlefish ink (water, salt) 2%

The Story

La Pasta di Aldo was created in the town of Monte San Giusto, a charming spot in the inland of the Marches region that straddles the Adriatic Sea and Sibylline Mountains.

Embodied within the pasta are the glistening golden hues of the wheat fields that submerge our hills in summer. With a perfect roughness that tickles the taste buds, our pasta is redolent of the authentic taste of yesteryear, when our grandmothers would prepare the dough while singing, as if to instil their harmonies and joy into is very fabric.

A rigorous selection of the base materials and production methods that go beyond the traditional art of artisan pasta making, an indefatigable dedication and pure mastery: these are the secrets of La Pasta di Aldo, a genuine masterpiece to be kept in the pantry of any self-respecting gourmand.

A different mix of durum wheat flour is used for each kind of pasta; the dough is mixed with the utmost care and worked in order to ensure that it is soft. The sheets are cut and then inserted onto special rods that are hung from frames and placed in the drying room, to allow for a slow, natural, tailor-made and low temperature drying process. It is more of a traditional ritual than a method.

La Pasta di Aldo stands out for its superior cooking performance. When it is added to the pan after cooking, it retains the sauce like few other pastas can. Thanks to its rough and permeable texture, you can savour the pure joy of a unique taste and the substance of tradition that inspired it.