La Dalia Saffron Filaments

  • R 80.95

Saffron takes its name from the Persian ’zapharan’ meaning stigma. Considered the most expensive spice in the world it forms an important part of worldwide cuisines.

Saffron filaments are the stamens of the crocus, a high-maintenance flower that is very temperamental and only grown in certain climates. A single flower blooms for one week of the year and only producers about 3 stamens which must be very carefully picked and dried. Stamens from a 150 flowers and hours of labour are needed to produce a single gram of saffron. Spanish saffron varieties are of the highest quality, relatively available, and strictly regulated.

Saffron is especially good when used in cooking seafood dishes like paella. It is also used in risotto and  rice dishes. Try adding some to your next beef stew or tomato-based sauce. To make a wonderful marinade for fish, add saffron threads, garlic, and thyme to vinegar.

Blister Pack of Saffron Filaments - 0.5g or 1g