Granoro Dedicato Linguine Pasta (Bronze Extruded) 500g

Granoro Dedicato Linguine Pasta (Bronze Extruded) 500g

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The Product

500g pack of Italian pasta

Ingredients: 100% Puglia durum wheat semolina, water.

The Story

Granoro Dedicato was both a demonstration of Puglia’s pride and a business risk, born from the desire to prove to those who were losing faith that Puglia could produce durum wheat of the highest quality. Granoro Dedicato encompasses the history, tradition and flavours of Puglia and has been created by Granoro by bringing together just three ingredients: durum wheat semolina from Puglia, a production process that is truly innovative, but always careful to respect tradition and a system that guarantees traceability of the production chain in terms of the origin, production and distribution of the products.

First class pasta making technology combined with the Mastromauro family’s years of experience in making pasta have led to the creation of Dedicato, a golden yellow, bronze extruded pasta that undergoes a gentle drying process, has a protein content of 13% and is proudly produced using durum wheat grown exclusively in Puglia. It remains firm and elastic after cooking and to the bite.

This pasta symbolises a product made exclusively in Puglia, from the field to the finished article.