Air Kit - Accessories for N2O cream whipper

  • R 1,937.00

Fill poultry with creamy sauces, make gelatine spaghetti, fill thin tubes and containers, decorate dishes with mousses achieving impossible shapes, prepare Liquid Nitrogen Popcorn quickly and safely.
Universal connection suitable for all brands of siphon: Essspuma, iSi Thermo Whip, iSi Gourmet Whip, Advance Foam, Kayser, Ibili, Tellier, Meuse, Whip-it, Mastrad ...
The Kit includes:
Filling tip Ø 3 x 85 mm - Filling tip Ø 5 x 85 mm  - Spaghetto fitting -  Tube Ø 20 mm x 85 mm - Tube Ø 17 mm x 85 mm