Cape Apple Spritzer 330ml

  • R 26.00

Cape Apple Spritzer is a completely natural craft apple thirst quencher. CapeApple Spritzer is 60% Apple Juice and 40% Carbonated Mineral Water. Young and old can enjoy it since it is alcohol free with no additives, preservatives and colouring. 


Best enjoyed when ice cold. 


One can drink as many sugary sodas as you want on a hot day - you thirst will not subside quickly and your blood sugar will spike. CapeApple is isotonic and provides instant hydration in a few wholesome gulps while slowly releasing natural fructose to the bloodstream. 


Cape Apple is proudly made right here in Cape Town, with apples from the Elgin valley and Mineral Water from Franschhoek. Our ingredients are 60% Apple Juice, 40% Mineral Water, Carbon Dioxide.