Bone Marrow Butter

Bone Marrow Butter

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Bone Marrow Butter is made from 100% bone marrow, prepared into an easy-to-use stick. Bone marrow has endless health benefits, such has lowering cholesterol, fighting cancer and assisting to regulate blood sugar levels

Replacing your cooking oils and butter with bone marrow not only is a healthy choice, it also adds a delicious flavour to any meal.

Cut a slice and serve it on your steak, put under the skin of a whole chicken and slowly roast, or melt and serve at the dinner table. Also great at breakfast with omelettes to add some healthy fats.

Banting Friendly



100% Bone Marrow

Salt, pepper & thyme


Natural - pure bone marrow goodness

Garlic - roasted and caramelised

Red Wine - reduced red wine & thyme

Black Truffle - imported french black truffles

Smoked Chipotle Chili - smoked chili, paprika, garlic & coriander


* Perfect as an oil or butter substitute *